N&J Tree Services Ltd


Tree Surgery

Trees need to be maintained, if not they can become dangerous. Dead wood can be removed before it falls causing damage to people and property. Trees that are growing near to houses may have their branches interfering with the fabric of buildings as well as gutters, downspouts and windows. Trees may outgrow their immediate surroundings and become untennable in the small garden. Neighbours have the right to complain when trees block out natural light and become a nuisance.

Tree Pruning

All pruning operations arecarried out to BS 3998 Standards.

Dismantling & Felling

When an unsafe tree becomes a hazard to property or the public, the tree can be removed in sections. N & J Tree Services Ltd are a highly specialist company and have invested in rigging equipment as well as the best possible training, adhering to safety standards at all times (LOLER) to ensure the best possible service.

Crown Reduction

Complete reduction of the size of the tree by removal of the outer crown to produce a smaller canopy. This is specialist work, normally no more than 30% of the canopy should be removed unless there are safety considerations. Branches should be removed to growth points whenever possible. Certain species and tree types need special work and will be disscussed and advice formulated at the consultation stage.

Stump Grinding

We have the equipment and expertise to grind all sizes of stumps in any location.

Tree Planting

Tree planting expertise supplied to major bodies, both public and private. Enhancement of public areas and renewal of existing areas of environmental concern.
Site Clearance of trees prior to construction:
Site clearances performed prior to construction by corporations and private companies. 

Training & Assessment

N&J Tree Services Ltd offer training and assessments for arboriculture related disciplines to NPTC standards. Find out more.

LOLER Inspections

N&J Tree Services Ltd provide LOLER Inspections for all climbing/rigging kits and produce all supporting compliance paperwork for the operator to complete on a weekly basis.